Pacing your novel

EadweardMuybridgeHorseinmotionSeptember 27, 2015 – I’m gearing up for teaching a Writers Studio at the Kingston WritersFest, a workshop on “pace.” How important is forward movement in a character-driven novel, and how do we avoid a sense of stasis in novels that value language, emotion, and psychological truth more than external action?  Still a few spots open for this workshop. You can register here.

2 thoughts on “Pacing your novel

  1. This workshop was absolutely fabulous — AbFab indeed. Joan was so well prepared and provided two hours of engaging insights, chock-a-block with great tips and strategies and new ways of thinking. Invaluable for the novice writer; probably so for the advanced ones, too. Thank you, Joan!

  2. Wendy, thank you so much–both for being part of that workshop and for posting. You were a wonderful group. I think this is a topic all literary writers are keen to talk about!

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