Visiting book clubs has been one of the most gratifying experiences I’ve had as a writer. After years of slogging in near-isolation, it’s great to be out with people and exciting to find out how your work is connecting with them.

If your book club is reading one of my novels, let me know what I can do to make the experience more fun for your group—whether through a visit (in person or by Skype) or by responding to e-mails.  Just drop me a line at

A few resources you might find helpful in sparking or deepening discussion:


The Texture of a Life – an Interview in Puritan Magazine.


“Book clubs are going to snap up Curiosity.”  The Edmonton Journal.

This website provides an extensive book club kit for Curiosity. I created it to respond to questions about how fiction and history intersect in the novel. Click on these pictures to learn more about the research behind Curiosity and the history of the major characters.






A Readers Guide Edition of Reading by Lightning is available.

It includes an Afterward by writer Lisa Moore, – an extended author biography, an author interview, and a list of ten books I loved reading, with notes about why I recommend them to other readers.

Radio New Zealand. “The whole time I was writing I was trying to figure out how you came from there and ended up here, I was trying to draw threads across that gulf.”  Interview with Eva Radich, May 13, 2009.